Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Tools for the Classroom

My latest presentation on Free Tools for the classroom and resources to find them. I highlight a major wiki and blog in this presentation. This is a hot topic for all teachers especially at during these tough economic times.

I will be posting Grants for Teachers very shortly - so please check back. It will be a whole grants section.

Additional Great Art Resources

I posted some art resources about a month ago. This is a wonderful presentation that highlights some of those as well as mentions a few new ones. A thanks to for sharing these resources.

A guide to Facebook for Teachers

This is from Paul's E-Learning Resources. He has great materials and he can be followed on Facebook as well.

Teacher's Guide to Using Facebook (Read Fullscreen)

Monday, June 7, 2010

New - Great Resources for Kids

New - Great Resources for Kids

This is an update to my summer reading resources. Pinning History to the world! 100 web tools for every kind of learner Free educational games and resources Never used this site, but it looks great for motivation and summer reading. What a wonderful idea for kids to promote writing!!! Search options Map games from National Geographic Great site for preschool kids 10 Best free Educational Game sites Chess for kids Understanding Scale What is the Time Mr. Wolf – Sequencing and Telling Time

For more summer resources please check out these links:
Summer Resources for the K-12 Student -

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