Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Films using Picture Trail

Educational Videos

Below the posting area you will find a listing of Educational Videos. I will be updating this on a regular basis. Here is the current list. Most are on However, some are also websites and are subject area based.

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Introducing Le Book

Very funny Video. With the progress of ebooks and libraries closing - this may be what we are teaching in the year 2100. :-)

A Vision of Students Today

Monday, November 16, 2009

Social Media Revolution

Starfish - An Inspirational Message for all Teachers

Think Different

Top 100 Learning Tools for 2009 by Jane Hart

Do Teachers Have the Right to Sell Lesson Plans

Great article in the NY Times This was highlighted in Smaetbriefs by ASCD today. It is a must read for any educator. there is a big ethics and copyright issue involved here.

National Education Technology Plan

"The U.S. Department of Education is developing a new National Educational Technology Plan to provide a vision for how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. The plan will provide a set of concrete goals that can inform state and local educational technology plans as well as inspire research, development, and innovation. A draft plan is expected in early 2010."

The team is looking for recommendations and you can see what others have recommended at

Online Rhyming Dictionary

There is an online rhyming dictionary at This is a great tool for classroom activities involving rhyming or poetry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Web Based Smart Notebook

It is in Beta form, but now you can create SMARTNotebook lessons online at

Teacher Book Wizard

The Teacher Book Wizard is the FREE ultimate children's book search engine. It can be added to a teacher website or blog for use by students.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

StoryBird - Great Collaborative Story Wiriting Tool

Story bird is a wonderful collaborative writing/digital storytelling website. It can make stories private or public. The default is private. Here is a sample of a book I did in a few minutes:

There are a lot of possibilities for students here to create their own stories and the art is already created, they just have to choose the type of pictures they want to tell a story from.

Xtranormal - Great Digital Storytelling Tool for the Classroom

This is a great tool for any educator to use in the classroom and does text to speech. It is easy to use and the students will love it with any assignment. This is especially true at the elementary and middle school level. It even has a G and 13+ rathing system. This is a must look at.

Educational Twitters Feed

Maukie - the virtual cat

Teacher Book Wizard

FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed

Puzzle for your Webpage

Click to Mix and Solve

Google Chat

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ip2map - New tool for your blog or webpage. Added 8/9/07

Map IP Address

The New Tool Our Kids are Using on their Social Networking Pages