Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PhotoPeach - Great Storytelling Tool

Why I Like to Read on PhotoPeach

Shout Out to Kevin Jarrett for this great find!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parent Internet Resources

Some Resources on the Internet for Parents and Educators

Prepared as a supplement for people who attended the presentation at Highland High School Community Day in Highland, New York.

Let's help keep our children safe! - Find People on Social Networks - Confirm the validity of somone's online identity - Children getting phone calls and you do not know who they are? - Keeping parents in Control - from the UK - tracks people on thier cell phones. Promoted for students to know where there friends are. - internet abbreviations and acronyms used by our kids Designed for High School from Australia - Not bad for little kids designed for ages 5-10 - Excellent program about kids growing up as the YouTube Generation - a MUST watch for all parents and educators - Pretty good state website on Internet Safety - The kids search engine - Great Parents resource - National Sex Offender Website - Defending your Digital Rights in a digital world - Great to find out what is popular on the Internet and with kids. - Popular with kids and young adults

Trends kids are doing that should be stopped:

Locate more resorces at :

Educational Twitters Feed

Maukie - the virtual cat

Teacher Book Wizard

FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed

Puzzle for your Webpage

Click to Mix and Solve

Google Chat

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ip2map - New tool for your blog or webpage. Added 8/9/07

Map IP Address

The New Tool Our Kids are Using on their Social Networking Pages