Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Doodle for Google is Announced

… we use plants for electricity
… we make college free for everyone
… we give health insurance to all who need it
… we connect everyone by cell phone or computer

Welcome to Doodle 4 Google, a competition where we invite K-12 students to play around with our homepage logo and see what new designs they come up with. This year we're inviting U.S. kids to join in the doodling fun, around the intriguing theme "What I Wish for the World."

These are exciting times and both our country and the world are on the brink of significant change. At Google we believe in thinking big, and dreaming big, and we can't think of anything more important than encouraging students to do the same.

Registration closes at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on March 17, 2009 and entries are due by 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on March 31, 2009. Teachers, you'll find everything you need to get started on the Registration page. Only teachers or school employees should register. Parents or students who are interested should contact their teacher to register them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heaching the Hudson Valley

Teaching the Hudson Valley

Launched in 2003, Teaching the Hudson Valley (THV) helps educators and students discover and appreciate the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the Hudson Valley. THV programs foster collaboration among schools, museums, parks, historic sites, art galleries, libraries, colleges, nonprofits and other groups. They offer a growing collection of free K-12 lesson plans uses significant Valley sites to teach math, science, history, art and other important school subjects.

Teaching the Hudson Valley was created by the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites and partners -- the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area/Greenway, NYS DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program, and Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College -- as a place for educators to find and share free lesson plans and activities (,com_units/Itemid,12/) about our region.

THV also built a great calendar (,com_jcalpro/Itemid,69/extmode,week/). View it by day, week, month, or type of event -- look for exhibits, festivals, outdoor activities, performances, and more. Lesson plans and activities submitted by educators are available to enhance your own visits to many of the Hudson Valley region's special places. Sign up for a free membership by clicking Join the Community ( You'll get a monthly newsletter and occasional updates about new features.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Combat Childhood Obesity GRANT from NFL

Combat Childhood Obesity GRANT from NFL

NFL Network (NFLN) has launched the Keep Kids in Gym initiative to combat the childhood obesity epidemic by helping more kids gain access to quality physical education programs. NFLN is offering a grant of $10,000 to one middle school to help improve and sustain its physical education program by building a new track or playing field, refurbishing a gym or indoor PE facility, purchasing new equipment or supplementing a teacher salary.

February 4, 2009 for nominations for school grant applicants; March 27, 2009 for applications for school grant recipients

Important Dates
October 2008
Keep Gym in School grant information posted at

February 4, 2009
DEADLINE for nominations for school grant applicants. Nominations must be received by 8:00 PM EST. The Nomination Link is

March 27, 2009
DEADLINE for applications for school grant recipients. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 27, 2009.

April 3, 2009
Winning school notified

April 25/26, 2009
NFL Draft Weekend

Aug / Sep 2009
Keep Gym in School refurbishment projects complete (for First Day of School 2009)

Questions about grant guidelines and applications will be accepted via e-mail. Please address your questions to

Qwaq - A 3d Virtual World for Business

This is new - it is a virtual world specifically designed for business. It is very interesting to see how this technology is emerging in the business sector. It is worth a look at for both business professionals and k-24 educators using Second Life or Active Worlds.

This technology seems to be emerging as a 21st Century Skill for collaboration and as a business and industry tool.

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Maukie - the virtual cat

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