Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top 100 Apps for Education

This is a wonderful presentation created by Jane Hart. I encourage all educators to take a look at it. There are womderful applications on here. There are two I never heard of myself. Lectora.com and cirip.eu It is definately worth looking at.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Films using Picture Trail

Educational Videos

Below the posting area you will find a listing of Educational Videos. I will be updating this on a regular basis. Here is the current list. Most are on Youtube.com. However, some are also websites and are subject area based.

Photo Widget


Introducing Le Book

Very funny Video. With the progress of ebooks and libraries closing - this may be what we are teaching in the year 2100. :-)

A Vision of Students Today

Monday, November 16, 2009

Social Media Revolution

Starfish - An Inspirational Message for all Teachers

Think Different

Top 100 Learning Tools for 2009 by Jane Hart

Do Teachers Have the Right to Sell Lesson Plans

Great article in the NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/15/education/15plans.html This was highlighted in Smaetbriefs by ASCD today. It is a must read for any educator. there is a big ethics and copyright issue involved here.

National Education Technology Plan

"The U.S. Department of Education is developing a new National Educational Technology Plan to provide a vision for how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. The plan will provide a set of concrete goals that can inform state and local educational technology plans as well as inspire research, development, and innovation. A draft plan is expected in early 2010."

The team is looking for recommendations and you can see what others have recommended at https://edtechfuture.org/

Online Rhyming Dictionary

There is an online rhyming dictionary at http://www.writeexpress.com/online2.html. This is a great tool for classroom activities involving rhyming or poetry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Web Based Smart Notebook

It is in Beta form, but now you can create SMARTNotebook lessons online at http://express.smarttech.com/#

Teacher Book Wizard

The Teacher Book Wizard is the FREE ultimate children's book search engine. It can be added to a teacher website or blog for use by students.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

StoryBird - Great Collaborative Story Wiriting Tool

Story bird is a wonderful collaborative writing/digital storytelling website. It can make stories private or public. The default is private. Here is a sample of a book I did in a few minutes:


There are a lot of possibilities for students here to create their own stories and the art is already created, they just have to choose the type of pictures they want to tell a story from.

Xtranormal - Great Digital Storytelling Tool for the Classroom

This is a great tool for any educator to use in the classroom and does text to speech. It is easy to use and the students will love it with any assignment. This is especially true at the elementary and middle school level. It even has a G and 13+ rathing system. This is a must look at.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have you seen these????

Pictures from gizmodo.com and Flicker.com
I can so see these on college campuses and the Middle and High School Cafeterias.

Cool SocialMedia Tool

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Free Educational Apps for the iPhone or iTouch iPod

Great Free Educational Apps for the iPhone or iTouch iPod

Below the applications are linked to iTunes Apps. These are great free resources that can be used in an educational environment, especially with an iPod cart.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 Classroom Improvement Technology Grant

Turning Technologies’ Turning Foundation Partners with Study Island and Performance Matters to Launch Grant Initiative

Grant applications will be accepted from teachers in grades 3-8 currently teaching in an accredited, non-profit, public school building in the United States. There are no entry fees and no purchase is required. Fifteen (15) classroom awards will be made.

Apply online Only online submissions are accepted. All applications are to be electronically submitted by 4:30pm ET on October 25, 2009. Awards will be announced on October 30, 2009, and recipients will be notified via email. Upon receipt of a signed publicity release and assurances related to implementation, the grant package will be released to the classroom teacher at the school address listed on the grant application.

Any questions should be directed to John Wilson, Director of the Turning Foundation at: jwilson@turningtechnologies.com or (330) 599-4954

Friday, October 9, 2009

School District Flu Guidance


The above link provides updated Guidance for Schools for the Fall Flu Season. This is great for teachers and parents to know and follow as well.

This resource link - http://pandemicflu.gov/professional/school/ - is a federal government Website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. - Washington, D.C. 20201


What Will Our Children Be Doing in 10 Years?

What jobs will our student’s be looking to apply for in the next 10 years? Many jobs they will have in ten years seem very Star Trek like in scope to us today. However, this is our children's future and we need to keep in mind we are preparing them for these jobs in a time of exponential advancements and growth regarding technology.

The E-learning 3.0 Blog posted an article on the Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future, which was republished With Permission from GetDegrees.com.

These job titles are amazing and I can definitely see career choices for our students. Here are some of my favorites to check out on the list:

Space Tour Guide – now we know Space Travel is going to be expensive. Probably what cruising was in the early 20th century. This definitely seems like a career choice for the child that loves science and has an adventurous spirit.

Simulation Engineer – working on a full size 3D halloseck everyday in your organization to solve problems and instructional designs. Now how cool would this be for our students?

Ecotourism Travel Guide - Okay so Space is not your child’s thing, then this one might be. Responsible vacationing - “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”

Mobile Application Developer – Definitely a job of the future – who does not use these on their phone?

Welding Technologist – job of the past becomes a major career trend in the future! Nice to see that things including jobs and types come around again.

Virtual Services Worker - conduct sales and offer a friendly personal voice, without ever leaving home.

As educators we need to look at our children and what their future holds for them. Ten years is not that far away. We need to help prepare them for their dreams and job market they will be entering.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I Like to Read on PhotoPeach

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Friday, July 24, 2009

ShareTabs - Share your links as tabs

ShareTabs - Share your links as tabs

Sample of New and Cool for TELL Conference


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Twitter Widget

Thanks to Jane Hart's posting on this widget - below you can see what the world is twitting about in Education

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Survey for TA's

Please Right Click on the above title and it will open a pop-up window with a survey. Select now and begin.


Simply just click on this link - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=haNu_2f92KObDe5Trrm3M3CQ_3d_3d

Thank you

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to Properly Cough and Sneeze

Trying to prevent illness in your school and classroom? Try these wonderful resources I have complied for some teachers that contacted me for suggestions today. The second link even has a wonderful teaching unit on the topic.


This first link is to a wonderful video that can be watched online or purchased. It is five minutes and it was created by an MD. "This video was produced with the assistance of three infectious disease doctors, two hospitals, and the Maine Medical Association, to whom the author is grateful. The author, Ben Lounsbury MD, is an Ear, Nose and Throat physician. "

Infectious Disease Health Unit - This is a great teaching unit designed to teach about infectious disease and prevention and can be adapted to your grade - http://tbdhu.com/id

http://www.news4jax.com/video/19322197/index.html - From News

PSA- Proper Sneezing Technique

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PhotoPeach - Great Storytelling Tool

Why I Like to Read on PhotoPeach

Shout Out to Kevin Jarrett for this great find!!

Others to check out:
Global Warming-We Need To Change Our Planet on PhotoPeach

Obama Photo History: The Road to President on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parent Internet Resources

Some Resources on the Internet for Parents and Educators

Prepared as a supplement for people who attended the presentation at Highland High School Community Day in Highland, New York.

Let's help keep our children safe!

http://www.uditto.com/ - Find People on Social Networks
http://identity.net/ - Confirm the validity of somone's online identity
http://www.whojustcalledhere.com/ - Children getting phone calls and you do not know who they are?
http://www.zezu.co.uk/ - Keeping parents in Control - from the UK
http://www.trackut.com/trackut//index - tracks people on thier cell phones. Promoted for students to know where there friends are.
http://www.fun-with-words.com/acronyms.html - internet abbreviations and acronyms used by our kids
http://www.cybernetrix.com.au/ Designed for High School from Australia
http://www.disney.co.uk/DisneyOnline/Safesurfing/cybernetiquette/ - Not bad for little kids
http://www.badguypatrol.ca/default.htm designed for ages 5-10
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/kidsonline/?campaign=pbshomefeatures_1_frontlinebrgrowinguponline_2008-01-23 - Excellent program about kids growing up as the YouTube Generation - a MUST watch for all parents and educators
http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/imet/intersafe/index.html - Pretty good state website on Internet Safety
http://www.onekey.com/ - The kids search engine
http://www.theparentsedge.com/index.html - Great Parents resource
http://www.nsopw.gov/Core/Conditions.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 - National Sex Offender Website
http://www.eff.org/ - Defending your Digital Rights in a digital world

http://www.allmyfaves.com/ - Great to find out what is popular on the Internet and with kids.
http://www.hulu.com/ - Popular with kids and young adults

Trends kids are doing that should be stopped:

Locate more resorces at : http://delicious.com/dembe01/internet_safety
and http://delicious.com/dembe01/internet_literacy

Monday, March 30, 2009

Math Web Apps for the iPod or iPhone

If you just got your iPod Touch or your iPhone, you are probably wondering what you can do with it. There are a lot of applications out there to download to your device. "Web applications — or web apps — combine the power of the Internet with the simplicity of Multi-Touch technology, all on a 3.5-inch screen. iPhone and iPod touch let you easily flick through" the web apps you decide to download.

If you are like me, you are constantly looking at web apps for the iPod or iPhone. If you are an educator, you are looking for applications for your iPod cart that you can use with your students in the classroom as well. Below are a list of applications that are appropriate for educational use that are designed for Math. I found them under the calculate category on the Apple web apps page.

My Marks
About My Marks
Track your grades, marks and credits in school and university. This application always shows your up to date average mark or the sum of your credits in your different subjects. As well you can set a goal for each subject and see where you are and what you need to improve. This is the student version of Grade Book

About Plotter
Plot graphs of functions. Enter one or more formulas (separated by semicolon) and the range you want to plot and choose from different B/W and color schemes. The formula and the chart can be emailed.

3D Plotter
About 3D Plotter
Plot graphs of 2-dimensional functions in 3D. Enter your formula and the range you want to plot.

Arithmetic Problems
About Arithmetic Problems
Allows you to train your mental calculation skills. This web application generates an endless supply of new arithmetic problems, based on random numbers. You can choose the difficulty level that suits you, and try to move up as you get better at it. In the tips section you can learn ways to calculate big numbers in your mind. Kids can use this application to work on their arithmetic skills for school. For others it can be a fun way to get or keep your mind in shape.

About FlashMath
Mathematical flash cards for training kids in math. FlashMath includes random addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems.

Pythagorean Theorem
About Pythagorean Theorem
Input the value of any two sides of the right triangle and press the Calculate button to get the third side.

Visual Trigonometry Calculator
About Visual Trigonometry Calculator
Visually calculate triangle and circle angles, side lengths, areas etc. Enter known values to calculate all other dimensions and angles, re-drawing triangles and circles to see what you’re calculating.

EDGE - EmbeddeD Graphic Engine
About EDGE - EmbeddeD Graphic Engine
Can plot any graphs truthfully, be it explicit functions (y=f(x)), implicit functions f(x,y)=0 or inequalities (f(x,y)<0) faster than anything you’ve seen before. It will identify discontinuities or if the function isn’t defined. EDGE has been specifically designed to work on embedded, low-powered platform such as a graphical calculators.

Read our white paper about implicit plotting and the technical challenges faced: http://www.hydrix.com/knowledge/index.php?id=89

Quad Calc
About Quad Calc
A simple quadratic equation solver for the iPhone. Simply, enter the values for a quadratic equation and instantly get the results.

About Sci-Calc
A basic scientific calculator for the iPhone. Sci-Calc includes functions for factorials, square roots, powers, logarithmic, and geometric equations. It even includes a memory stack.

About SimpleGraph
A freeform graphing program for the iPhone. Simply enter an equation to solve for Y and a simple graph is plotted. The equation editor is very powerful and include built in functions.

About Converter
A multifunctional unit converter capable of converting more than 90 measuring units in 13 different categories.

About Conspiracy
Conspiracy plots functions in two dimensions and three dimensions.

I will be posting more as I explore them by content area.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Doodle for Google is Announced

… we use plants for electricity
… we make college free for everyone
… we give health insurance to all who need it
… we connect everyone by cell phone or computer

Welcome to Doodle 4 Google, a competition where we invite K-12 students to play around with our homepage logo and see what new designs they come up with. This year we're inviting U.S. kids to join in the doodling fun, around the intriguing theme "What I Wish for the World."

These are exciting times and both our country and the world are on the brink of significant change. At Google we believe in thinking big, and dreaming big, and we can't think of anything more important than encouraging students to do the same.

Registration closes at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on March 17, 2009 and entries are due by 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on March 31, 2009. Teachers, you'll find everything you need to get started on the Registration page. Only teachers or school employees should register. Parents or students who are interested should contact their teacher to register them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heaching the Hudson Valley

Teaching the Hudson Valley

Launched in 2003, Teaching the Hudson Valley (THV) http://www.TeachingtheHudsonValley.org helps educators and students discover and appreciate the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the Hudson Valley. THV programs foster collaboration among schools, museums, parks, historic sites, art galleries, libraries, colleges, nonprofits and other groups. They offer a growing collection of free K-12 lesson plans uses significant Valley sites to teach math, science, history, art and other important school subjects.

Teaching the Hudson Valley was created by the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites and partners -- the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area/Greenway, NYS DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program, and Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College -- as a place for educators to find and share free lesson plans and activities (http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/component/option,com_units/Itemid,12/) about our region.

THV also built a great calendar (http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,69/extmode,week/). View it by day, week, month, or type of event -- look for exhibits, festivals, outdoor activities, performances, and more. Lesson plans and activities submitted by educators are available to enhance your own visits to many of the Hudson Valley region's special places. Sign up for a free membership by clicking Join the Community (http://www.teachingthehudsonvalley.org/Create-an-account.html). You'll get a monthly newsletter and occasional updates about new features.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Combat Childhood Obesity GRANT from NFL

Combat Childhood Obesity GRANT from NFL

NFL Network (NFLN) has launched the Keep Kids in Gym initiative to combat the childhood obesity epidemic by helping more kids gain access to quality physical education programs. NFLN is offering a grant of $10,000 to one middle school to help improve and sustain its physical education program by building a new track or playing field, refurbishing a gym or indoor PE facility, purchasing new equipment or supplementing a teacher salary.

February 4, 2009 for nominations for school grant applicants; March 27, 2009 for applications for school grant recipients

Important Dates
October 2008
Keep Gym in School grant information posted at www.keepgyminschool.com.

February 4, 2009
DEADLINE for nominations for school grant applicants. Nominations must be received by 8:00 PM EST. The Nomination Link is http://www.keepgyminschool.com/nominate.html

March 27, 2009
DEADLINE for applications for school grant recipients. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 27, 2009.

April 3, 2009
Winning school notified

April 25/26, 2009
NFL Draft Weekend

Aug / Sep 2009
Keep Gym in School refurbishment projects complete (for First Day of School 2009)

Questions about grant guidelines and applications will be accepted via e-mail. Please address your questions to grant@keepgyminschool.com

Qwaq - A 3d Virtual World for Business

This is new - it is a virtual world specifically designed for business. It is very interesting to see how this technology is emerging in the business sector. It is worth a look at for both business professionals and k-24 educators using Second Life or Active Worlds.

This technology seems to be emerging as a 21st Century Skill for collaboration and as a business and industry tool.http://www.qwaq.com/landing/sep2008a.php

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interactive Weather and Water Cycle Resources

There are a lot of great informational sites out there for Weather and the Water Cycle. However, it can be challenging to find sites that are informational and interactive. Below are a list of wonderful sites I have found and wish to share:

Interactive Weather:

http://www.scholastic.com/kids/weather/ - Excellent for understanding how temperature and humidity effect the weather.

http://www.edheads.org/activities/weather/ - Excellent for teaching weather simulation.

http://www.theweatherchannelkids.com/ - Developing Radar – Which looks great for kids.

Us Weather Satellites - http://wwwghcc.msfc.nasa.gov/GOES/

http://whyfiles.org/interactives/ The Why Files is an interactive group of simulations that allow students to make a rainbow, play with lightening, create a snow flake, and interact with a tornado.

http://www.theweatherchannelkidsgames.com/ Make a custom weather forecast

http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/ offers great hands on inquiry based activity off the computer

http://www.cyberbee.com/weatherwatch/ International weather collaborative project

Hurricane Strike – Excellent Interactive resource- However, teacher must register and it is free (offered in Spanish and English) http://www.meted.ucar.edu/hurrican/strike/

http://www.iknowthat.com/com/L3?Area=Science%20Lab offers a great weather application, but you must register and it is free.

Weather Poetry http://www.k12.hi.us/~shasincl/poems_prop_cycle_weather.html Not interactive, but good inspiration. J

Water Cycle:

http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/greatlakeskids/morphie-story-title_e.html#content – Life cycle of a Rain drop

http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/flash/flash_watercycle.html - Interactive

Earth’s Water – Good for Middle School Level. - http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/mearth.html

http://www.msnucleus.org/membership/guide/storybooks.html Animated story books for the water cycle and other areas of science.

http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/flash/flash_wordscramble.html Water cycle scrabble game

Interactive Water conservation tips - http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/reseau/watertips/watertips_flash_e.html

Test your water conservation sense game - http://www.epa.gov/watersense/quiz/index.htm

If you are looking for more great educational site to use in your classroom, then I invite you to join my network at delicious - http://delicious.com/dembe01

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Presidential INAUGURAL Information

INAUGURAL PROGRAM http://inaugural.senate.gov/media/releases/release-12172008-inauguralwebsite.cfm

What Happens on Inauguration Day? - http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/

Video of last five Inauguration: http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/video/index.cfm

Historical look at the Inaugural Ceremonies 1789-2005 - http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/factsandfirsts/index.cfm

The First Inaugural Ball - http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/daysevents/inauguralball.cfm

Past Inauguration Day Events _ http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/daysevents/index.cfm

NYC - Presidential Inauguration 2009 Curriculum Resource MS Word Doc and other resources - http://schools.nyc.gov/Academics/SocialStudies/EducatorResources/Presidential+Inauguration+2009.htm

Inauguration infor for Twitter - Facebook - and Alerts, Plus biographys on Obama and Biden - http://www.inauguration.dc.gov/index.asp

U.S. Department of Education's Teacher Initiative

Just announced:

The U.S. Department of Education has announced the opening of applications for the Teaching Ambassador Fellowship at the U.S. Department of Education for the 2009-2010 school year. Currently practicing, state certified Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade public school teachers and instructional specialists/coaches with at least three years of teaching experience are eligible to apply by March 16, 2009. For the 2008-2009 pilot year of the Fellowship program, 20 part-time Classroom Fellows and 5 full-time Washington Fellows are serving as Teaching Ambassador Fellows, learning about and contributing to the national dialogue on education policy. For more information about the 2009-2010 Fellowship application and other opportunities to learn about federal education policy and public resources supporting classroom teaching and learning, visit http://www.ed.gov/programs/teacherfellowship.

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