Thursday, October 23, 2008

LEGO Children’s Fund Grants

LEGO Children’s Fund

LEGO Children’s Fund Grants

The Foundation awards grants to qualified tax-exempt organizations (as determined under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code) including educational organizations as defined in USC 26 § 170 (C).

The LEGO Children’s Fund will provide quarterly grants for programs, either in part or in total, with a special interest paid to collaborative efforts and in providing matching funds to leverage new dollars into the receiving organization. We will give priority consideration to programs that both meet our goals and are supported in volunteer time and effort by our employees.
Early childhood education and development

Technology and communication projects that advance learning opportunities
Sport or athletic programs that concentrate on under-served youth

Deadline: November 01, 2008

Maximum Award: $500-$5000

Number Of Awards: Multiple

Period: One year.

More Information:
As a matter of policy, the LEGO Children’s Fund also does not donate LEGO play materials to qualifying organizations, unless they have been donated to the Fund for such use. For product and toy donations requests, organizations may submit inquiries to LEGO Systems, Inc. for consideration under a toy donation program independent of the LEGO Children’s Fund. For more information on requesting products, click here.
Questions? The fund has limited resources and must rely on the internet as much as possible. Kindly send your questions via email to

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