Thursday, October 30, 2008

Basic Resources for Webquests in the Classroom

Basic Resources:
AT&T Blue Webin Webquests -
WebQues Design Patterns -
Taxonomy of Tasks -
Bernie Dodge’s Wequest Page -
A Webquest about Webquests -
Encouraging the Use of Technology in the Classroom: The WebQuest Connection -
WebQuest Design Process -
Overcoming Obstacles to Quicker WebQuest Creation PPT -
Best Webquest -
Webquest Process Checklist -
WebQuest Process – Student Guides -
Little Things that Make a BIG Difference -
Five Rules for Writing a Great Webquest -
Exploring, Using, Adapting and Creating Webquests -
Graduate Course Outline for teaching with Webquests -
WebQuest Quiz -
MapaCourse Webquests -
Eric Resources for Webquests -

PodQuest: A Webquest about Podcasts -

Podcasts about Webquests:
A Podcast about WebQuests -
Women of Web2.0 – EteckTalk with Bernie Dodge -

What is A WebQuest -
How to make a Webquest -

Rubrics for Webquests

Webquest Generators and Host Sites:

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