Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google. Its Not Just A Search Engine

Google, Its Not Just A Search Engine Webinar Highlights

This presentation may be found at:
All Websites and more are on:
More Google Resources are on:

Google – The Evolution (Video) -

Google Lunar X-Prize Announcement and Overview Video:

Google Tool Bar Video -

Google for Gold -

Google Blog Search -

iGoogle -

Google Products -
Google Sits - One-stop sharing for team information -

Google Apps Video -

Google Earth -

Google Earth Tour of NY (Video- First 2 Minutes)

Google Earth Education Community –

Google Earth Gallery -

Secret Images in Google Earth (Video)

Ancient Egypt through Google Earth -

Google Lit Trips -

Google Moon -

Google Secrets (Video) -
Example- Google Pig Latin -

Google Sketch-Up -

Google Sketch-Up 3D Titanic Video -

Google Library Central -

Google For Educators -

Doodle 4 Google -

Sample of Doodle for Google (Video) -

Doodle for Google Contest -

Doodle for Google Video -

Google Certified Teachers -

Educause Connect: Shape of the Future -

Google Teacher Center -

Google Teacher Academy Application Center -

Google Incorporated WebQuest -

Google Check Out - (Page has Video)

Google Owned Companies:

Blogger -

Orcut -

Picasa -

YouTube -

More Google Tools for Education–

Google Channel - Channel -

Google Talk -

Google Translate -

Google Groups -

Google Calendar -

Google Docs -

Tutorials and Resources:

Tour Google for a World of Difference Tutorial -

Educational technology and Life Blog – Google Teacher Newsletter -

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google -

LifeHacker Blog – Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About -

Google Browser Sync -

Google Help Cheat Sheet -

Interactive Google Guide for the Novice, Pro and Teen -
20 Tips for Effective Google Searching -

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