Monday, January 7, 2008

Power Media Plus

Power Media Plus Wokshop

Learn about the enhanced features; this session will give you an overview of Power Media Plus and how to select video, images, audio and podcasts for classroom use to enhance teaching and learning. Below are some highlights from the class.

"At, you gain access to thousands of multimedia components across all media types all created specifically for the classroom. There are 3,200 educational videos, more than 18,000 core concept video clips, 6,000 curriculum-oriented audio files, 25,000 photographs, illustrations, and clip art images, 5,000 print resources, including standards-based learning objectives, and a growing collection of user-created podcasts. What's wonderful is that teachers and students can use the clips, images and other resources without worrying about copyright infringement.

The following resources make up this comprehensive learning tool for teachers, students, and administrators:

* More than 3,300 full-length videos;
* More then 23,000 key concept video clips;
* More than 25,000 high-resolution educational images;
* More than 5,000 teacher handouts and worksheets;
* More than 6,000 digital audio files, including music, sound effects, audio books, poetry readings, foreign language, and more
* A growing collection of user-created podcasts
* Encyclopedia articles; and
* Online training modules will lead you through detailed demonstrations, guided tutorials, and interactive quizzes.

A username and password provides access to this comprehensive video library. All PowerMediaPlus content is aligned with state and national standards and provides support for the Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Health, Guidance, and Fine Arts curricula." - Detailed user guide

“Teachers who use instructional video report that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning. With video as one component in a thoughtful lesson plan, students often make new connections between curriculum topics, and discover links between these topics and the world outside the classroom.”

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