Monday, December 10, 2007

SmartBoard Overview Professional Development Course

Workshop Description: Intensive exploration of Smartboard use, including differentiated training in Smartboard use, sites for every grade and content area, management issues & troubleshooting. Participants in this course will design a simple lesson of their choice to develop for use in there classroom with the Smartboard. 6 Hour Class

These are a variety of the resources and websites we used in the workshop compiled for your convenience.

SmartBoard SMART Resources:
Types of Interactive White Boards:

Training Materials (Printable PDF & 2 Minute Video):

Evaluation Version for Synchronized Eyes and Bright Ideas Software:

Activities for use with Smartboard by Curriculum. Search by curriculum standards, subject and grade or all:

Smart Newsletter - EDCompass Newsletter which highlight best practices - Download latest issue or subscribe:

SMART customers can download at no cost a variety of educational software for use on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. These include Finale for music, Speller Software for elementary and beginner readers, and Number Cruncher Software for elementary education.

Become a SMART Exemplary Educator

Application for SMART Exemplary Educator:

SMARTer Kids Foundation - Research Grant: Next due date is January 1st

Beginner Teacher SMartBoard Resources:

Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Benefits

Monroe BOCES SMARTBoard Wiki

Kenton County School SMART Teacher Resources Center

Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Profiles, ideas, lesson plans and web sites - Document

Smart Tips

Interactive WhiteBoard Resources: - Virtual Whiteboard for Multiple Users - WebQuest for Learning to use an Interactive Whiteboard Lee Summit School of Interactive Whiteboard Resources Tequipment Educator Resource Center - Using the SMARTBoard to Support Science - Engaging Learners
the SMARTboard Way - Smartboard Science Lessons - Lee's Summit R-7 School District SMARTBoard Resource Center

SmartBoard Writing Spark

Smart Board Use Spectrum

SMARTBoard Videos on - Compiled

Templates to Get you Started:

Other Interactive Resources Used in the Training: - PG-SL - Wacky Web Tales - Fake Out Word Game - Letter Sounds - Letter Sounds - Interactive Reading - Tina's World & Listening - WordBlender - Kinderplanet School House Rock Adjective Song Weather Cycle Close Activity The Interactive Water Cycle - Droplet and the Watercycle - The Water Cycle Quiz, Word Search and Poem - Interactive Water Cycle for the WhiteBoard
View Earth from a Satellite
Nite Sky:
Common English errors
Stop Light Timer
Day By Day -
Surf Savvy -
71 OPTICAL Illusions
Create Your Own Bingo Cards
Create Your own Books Marks
How Old Are You -
Measurement converter
Periodic Table of Elements
BMI Calculator
Virtual Fish Tank
Translator -
History Wired -

Need Ideas on How to Use a SmartBoard?

Troubleshooting and your SmartBoard:

Interactive Power Point Templates:

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