Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SmartBoard Resources

Smart Board Resources - Smart-tech Training Center - INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS IN THE CLASSROOM - 2 Minute Smart Training Videos - Virtual Whiteboard for Multiple Users - WebQuest for Learning to use an Interactive Whiteboard Lee Summit School of Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Literacy Empowerment Foundation Matching Book Grant Program

The Deadline for the Matching Book Grant Program is November 30th, 2007.

LEF currently supplies books to over 35,000 schools. The LiteracyEmpowerment Foundation (LEF) has increased the size of the matching grants available to $16,000.00 per school.

A school can now order $32,000.00worth of books and pay only $16,000.00. (Any amount purchased from $100.00 to $16,000.00 will be matched.)

The Literacy Empowerment Foundation (LEF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofitorganization. Orders must be received by November 30, 2007.

(Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues in literacy.)

Information and a matching book grant order form are available at

NASA 50th Anniversary Essay Contest for Students Grades 5-9

NASA 50th Anniversary Essay Contest for Students

The NASA 50th Anniversary Essay Competition for middle and junior high school students is now accepting entries. The competition consists of two separate topics, each with a limit of 500 words. The first topic challenges students to describe how they benefit in their everyday lives from space technologies built by NASA over the last 50 years. The second topic requires students to imagine how their everyday lives will have changed because of NASA space technology in the next 50 years.

Students may submit two separate essays, each responding to a separate topic. Participants must be U.S. students in grades 5-9 and under the age of 15.

An optional notice of intent is due on Dec. 7, 2007. Final entries are due on or before Jan. 7, 2008. For more information, visit:

NASA Education

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gaming and Learning Course Resources Part II

This site looks at Game Based Learning. It looks at the definition, types and how it benefits student learning. The following was taken from the site:

Features of game-based learning (GBL):
· GBL uses competitive exercises, either pitting the students against each other or getting them to challenge themselves in order to motivate them to learn better.
· Games often have a fantasy element that engages players in a learning activity through a storyline.

Categories of games that can be adapted for learning include:
· Video Games (Digital Game-Based Learning)
· Board and Card Games: with descriptions of geoscience games

Why use it:
· Motivates students to learn
· Immerses them in the material so they learn more effectively
· Encourages them to learn from their mistakes. Learn more here.

Article on Gaming and Learning in eSchool News:

University of Wyoming professor and education researcher Liz Simpson recommends the following GBL:

Social Studies: •"Civilization" (Sid Meier)•"Capitalism" (Enlight Software)•"Age of Empires" (MS Game Studios, Ensemble Studios)Math: •"Flight Simulator" (MS Game Studios)Business: •"Restaurant Empire" (Enlight Software)•"Zoo Empire" (Enlight Software)•"Oil Tycoon" (Global Star, Soft Enterprises)•"The Apprentice" (Legacy Interactive)Health:•"Spore" (Electronic Arts)

A resource for Educators and Students interested in the latest on Game Theory:

Gaming Tech Source:

Educational Games – or claims to be J

Gaming and Learning in Second Life:

Article: Digital Game-Based Learning: It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who Are Restless

Thinking Worlds Website - Thinking WorldsTM is Caspian's educational games player and authoring suite, which allows people of all ages to play and create their own 3D educational game online. All of Caspian's educational titles are linked to the national curriculum. You can try a selection of Thinking WorldsTM games and have a go at authoring your own, free of charge, by going to Free Trial and registering.

Pocast from Educlause on Gaming and Learning. In this podcast of the presentation "Generation G and the 21st Century," Richard Van Eck, associate professor of instructional design and technology at the University of North Dakota, discusses the theory behind the effectiveness of games in teaching and learning; what the past can teach us about if, how, and when to implement digital game-based learning; and what this will mean for colleges and universities.

Educational Simulations:

Educational Twitters Feed

Maukie - the virtual cat

Teacher Book Wizard

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