Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Must Know Web 2.0 Tools for the 2007-2008 Academic Year

For those of you new to the term Web 2.0 check out http://web20primer.wetpaint.com/?t=anon The Web 2.0 primer which will help you catch up on the lingo and the technology.

Do you know the tools your kids will be using this fall? I decided to look at all the list out there and compile a nice neat document of tools that are easy to use in Education and student friendly here in one location. Here are some web tools your students might be using from the middle school through college level classes:

Teacher Sites/School Tools
Rubistar -- online rubric generator
SchoolTool -- opensource management tool
Schoopy -- classroom organization tool
iQuiz Maker – Free easy to make tool for the iQuizGame for the iPod
Polldaddy - PollDaddy is an online tool, which allows you to create free polls and place them on your website, blog, MySpace, hi5, Friendster or Xanga account or anywhere online that you can paste a bit of JavaScript or Flash!

Blog/Wiki Hosting Sites:
Blogger -- blog-hosting website
EduBlogs -- blog-hosting website
WordPress -- blog-hosting website
coComment -- collect, organize, and share online conversations
Technorati -- search the blogoshpere
pbWiki -- wiki-hosting website
wikispaces -- blog-hosting website

Writing/ Visual Websites
Writely -- online word processor
ThinkFree Office -- free online office applications
Zohowriter – free online word processor and more (a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, wiki writer, notebook, project management, CRM solution, database creator, calendar, web conferencing, email and chat.)
Google Docs – free online word processor and more
WriteBoard - Use Writeboard to share and collaborate while saving separate versions each step of the way.
Chartit -- Designs charts and graphs based on information you enter
Mindomo – Visual organizing tool
Mindmeister – Online mind mapping
Bubbl.us – Online Brainstorming tool
Gliffy – Online mind mapping tool

Fun Sites
Flickr -- upload photos and images
Google Earth -- web-based globe
Google Maps -- maps and directions
scanR -- scan, copy, fax with camera phone or digital camera

Calendar and Task Lists:
Remember The Milk: Remember The Milk reminds you to take care of important tasks, so you’ll never forget when a project is due.
CalendarHub: Use CalendarHub’s web-based calendar to keep track of deadlines and set goals.
Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a web based tool that allows users to organize their schedule, so you’ll always know exactly what you need to be working on.
Planzo: Planzo’s online calendar keeps users connected to events and things to do. It lets you share your events just about anywhere, get a daily digest and receive text message reminders.
Spongecell: Spongecell is an online calendar made for users with lots of meetings and engagements. Plan events, spread the word and allow guests to add content to your calendar.
Neptune: Neptune’s web based to do list tool helps you keep track of the things you need to take care of every day. It lets you email yourself new tasks, get an email report every morning and upload files to store with your projects.
Ta-da List: When you’re busy with lots of projects, it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve accomplished. Make web-based ta-da lists for yourself or other people, then share them and check items off as you go.

Art Type Sites
SketchUp -- Google drawing tool
Gliffy -- free online tool that allows users to create and save diagrams, graphic organizers, flow charts, etc.
ajaxSketch -- online drawing tool (requires Firefox Browser)

Messaging/Communication/Collaboration Sites
YackPack -- online voice messaging
Gabbly -- chat tool
Skype -- communications tool
Basecamp -- online project collaboration
Campfire: Campfire is a web-based chat tool that’s ideal for online meetings with clients or coworkers.
Meebo: Don’t miss out on a client just because you don’t use the same instant messaging tool. Get access to every major messaging service on Meebo’s website without having to download anything.
FaxZERO: Online communication is popular, but sometimes you just have to send a fax. But who wants to invest in a fax machine and phone line for something that happens only on a rare occasion? Instead, use FaxZERO to send a fax anywhere in the US or Canada for free.
eBuddy: Don’t miss out on important messages while you’re away from your base of operations. Log on to eBuddy to sign on to online messengers using your mobile device.
skrbl – Give the power on online collaboration to your site with this tool.

WebBased Note Taking (from phone or laptop)
stu.dicio.us -- online note-taking tool for students
MyNoteIT -- online note-taking tool for students
JotSpot -- live, group note-taking
Writeboard -- collaborative note-taking
diigo -- collaborative annotation

Organization tools
backpackit! -- online personal organizer
suprglu -- organize information from all of your Web 2.0 resources
Central Desktop: collaborate, communicate and share files using Central Desktop.
iOrganize: With iOrganize, organize work by keeping notes, ideas and bookmarks in one place.
Protopage – Allows one homepage to store all your favorite podcast, web pages, and other webbased material in one location. Plus, offers a shared page for your students.
Viapoint: Viapoint makes it easy for freelancers to store emails and files by client or project.
Stikkit: Use Stikkit’s “little yellow notes that think” to keep in touch, plan and collaborate with clients and coworkers.
Webnote: Webnote users can take notes using a web browser, then save and return to the notes on any computer. This is especially helpful if you’re working on-site with a client and have to use a computer other than your own.
Netvibes: Spend less time searching and more time working by customizing your browser’s start page with email, feeds, messaging, job boards and much, much more.

Presentation tools
TiffanyScreens -- collaborative presentation software
Wink -- tutorial and presentation development tool
WorldMapper – You create mapping tool

Spreadsheet/DataBase Tools
EditGrid -- online spreadsheet tool
irows -- online spreadsheet tool
LazyBase -- online database tool

RSS and Social Bookmarks
netvibes -- web 2.0 "home page", rrs-feed aggregator and more
del.icio.us -- social bookmark tool
tagyu -- social bookmark tool
Bloglines – This new Bloglines Beta is a personalized start page with drag’n'drop functionality, and a few other new features, such as the ability to choose between three new feed reading views, and the capability to keep track of what you’ve read and what’s still waiting to be read.

Digital Video/fun - Just try them :-)
Next Vista
Easy Cropper
add voice to your pictures

Here are 20 basic technology skills that all educators should now have:

  1. Word Processing Skills
  2. Spreadsheets Skills
  3. Database Skills
  4. Electronic Presentation Skills
  5. Web Navigation Skills
  6. Web Site Design Skills
  7. E-Mail Management Skills
  8. Digital Cameras
  9. Computer Network Knowledge Applicable to your School System
  10. File Management & Windows Explorer Skills
  11. Downloading Software From the Web (Knowledge including eBooks)
  12. Installing Computer Software onto a Computer System
  13. WebCT or Blackboard Teaching Skills
  14. Videoconferencing skills
  15. Computer-Related Storage Devices (Knowledge: disks, CDs, USB drives, zip disks, DVDs, etc.)
  16. Scanner Knowledge
  17. Knowledge of PDAs
  18. Deep Web Knowledge
  19. Educational Copyright Knowledge
  20. Computer Security Knowledge

From http://thejournal.com/articles/17325_1 June 2005 article.

More tools and

http://www.go2web20.net/ - The Complete Web2.0 Directory
http://web2list.com/ - Web 2.0 List
http://www.seomoz.org/web2.0/ 2007 Web 2.0 Awards
http://ed421.com/edtech/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=25 Educational Technology that Works, Marzano’s Blog
http://web2magazine.blogspot.com/2007/01/thanks-for-web-2.html - Web 2.0 Magazine
http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/List_of_web_2.0_applications Web2.0 Wiki
http://techmagazine.ws/full-web-20-api-list/ Tech Magazine Web 2.0 List
http://www.educatednation.com/2006/08/16/tools-for-students/ Top Web 2.0 for college Students
http://www.jimmyr.com/blog/10_Web_2_0_For_Students.php Web 2.0 for Students
http://www.downloadsquad.com/2007/08/16/web-2-cool-for-school-a-rundown-of-online-applications-for-stu/ Download Squad


JC said...

I'd also like to suggest our tool called OnStage, a team collaboration/file sharing tool. The free version in particular is used by many groups of students and educators to coordinate school projects.

Luar said...

I invite you to try http://www.vcasmo.com, an online presentation tool for synchronize video and powerpoint/pdf/image

Tamlyn Rhodes said...

How is tagyu.com a useful tool for 2008 when it was shut down in 2006? :P

Clint said...

Thanks for mentioning Gliffy. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have based on your use of the application! Thanks, debik(at)gliffy(dot)com

blaine205 said...

I recently bought a macbook and have started using it for notes in classes. I tried typing them in Pages (Mac's word processing program) but organizing them became a little tedious. Then I found mynoteIT and I've started using it. So far I really like it, and I'm eager to see how it helps me long term. The biggest thing is, I can now read what I've written- no more deciphering my sloppy handwriting!
Kudos to a great list of tools for both students and teachers alike!

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