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Literacy Center Ideas for the SmartBoard

Literacy Center Ideas for the SmartBoard

Listen to the Directions
Primary Skill: listening
Have students listen to directions on a tape. Have students follow the directions a map on the Smartboard using the highlighter And other tools available. Eg: draw a pink circle at the stoplight, write the name of your favorite animal in the park...

Listen to a Story and Draw
Primary Skill: listening
Have students listen to a short story and the draw pictures that go along with it in the Smartnotes application of the Smartboard. The students can illustrate the story..

Listen and Recall
Primary Skill: listening
Create in the Smartnotes section story strips that are not in order. Have the students, listen and recall by place the story strips on the SmartBoard in Order.

Listen to Yourself
Primary Skills: reading, listening
Create a storyboard in SmartNotes. Have a microphone connected to the computer. Have students retell the story, rhyme, or poem. Make sure they use the SmartRecorder while they are retelling/. Then have students listen to their retelling of the story. (You can even keep a collection of stories for each student on the computer and Burn them at the end of the year – or for Mother’s/Father’s Day.)

What Will the Ending Be?
Primary Skills: writing, listening
Have students listen to the beginning of a story, poem, or song and have them finish the story by drawing pictures and/or writing it out in the SmartNotes application.

The Books I Have Read Journal
Primary Skills: reading, writing
Create a journal Template in Smartnotes. Students can then read a book and draw and/or write out what they thought of it in Smartnotes. This journal could be saved for each student and could provide the student with an electronic journal by the end of the year.

Fill In the Missing Letters and/or Words
Primary Skills: writing
Write out a poem or a message in SmartNotes, leave out some parts, and allow the students to fill in the missing sections. These they can be shared later with the class.

Make a Silly Sentence
Primary Skills: writing, drawing
Pick words out of a bag and put them together to make a silly sentences on the SmartBoard in SmartNotes. Have the students copy the sentence out and accompany it with an illustration.

Painting Sentence
Primary Skills: writing, drawing
Paint a scene in SmartNotes and then write out a sentence to go with the scene on the bottom. Multiple scene can be put together to create a classbook.

Put the Pages of the Book in Order
Primary Skill: reading
Have scanned pictures of a simple story and ask students to look at the pictures to put the pages of the book in order so that it makes sense and tells a logical story. Scan the pages into the SmartNotes application and have students put them in order to make a story.

Poetry Put Together
Primary Skill: reading
Write a poem in Smartnotes on half the board. On the other half of the board, have the words typed in individually so students can put them in order.

Alphabet Book
Primary Skills: reading, writing
Using the SmartNotes application, make a book of the letters of the alphabet and draw an illustration for each letter. Give each letter a page in SmartNotes. The add pictures from the photo gallery and internet.

Word Searches
Primary Skills: reading, writing
Scan Word Search puzzles into the computer to place in Smartnotes. Have students use the Smartboard to solve them using highlighters on the smartboard.

Story Telling
Primary Skills: writing, drawing, reading, speaking
Have two or three students work together to write out a story with illustrations in the SmartNotes application. When finished have them share it with the class.

Flannel Board
Primary Skills: reading
Organize a story/ rhyme in SmartNotes. Put graphics and sentence strips with the words on the page. Have students put sentences in order and use graphics to act out the story/rhyme.

Chalkboard Writing
Primary Skill: writing
Practice the alphabet or writing stories on the Smartboard. Create a writing template for students to use in SmartNotes..

Printing Practice
Primary Skill: writing
On the Smartboard in SmartNotes, with large letters of the alphabet and have children trace the letters with highlighters from the Smartboard. (Be sure to lock the letter to be traced in place.

Character Matching
Primary Skill: reading, memory, listening
In SmartNotes scan pictures of the characters in books that you have been reading to the class. In SmartNotes on the same screen have the names of these characters written separately so they can be moved individually. Students have to match the characters' pictures with their names.

Computer Games
Primary Skills: depends on the program, computer
Play language arts games on the computer by using the smartboard.

Writing Around the Room
Primary Skills: writing, reading
In Smartnotes, write down as many words that are displayed around the room as you can. Or in partners, one partner points to a word and the other partner writes it down on the Smartboard and vice versa.

Scrambled Words
Primary Skill: reading
Place letters on a page in SmartNotes. Have students scramble the letters to try to figure out the word and /or see how many other words can be created. Create multiple pages for them to unscrabble.

Book Making
Primary Skills: writing, drawing
Make a book about anything in SmartNotes. Have student illustrate the book as well.

Order the Alphabet
Primary Skill: reading
Put mixed up letters of the alphabet on the SmartBoard in SmartNotes. Have the students put the letters in order.

Puppet Play
Primary Skills: writing, speaking
In a group, write out a play to perform with characters and scene given by the teacher in SmartNotes. Then have students share it with the class.

Manipulative Letters
Primary Skill: writing
Practice spelling words in SmartNotes the using manipulative letters.

Rainbow Spelling
Primary Skill: writing
Have students write out spelling words in SmartNotes using different colors.

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