Thursday, July 26, 2007

Integrating Comprehension Strategies and Technology

Okay - today is day three of this professional development class. We will be looking at educational blogs and how to use them in the classroom to assist learning. We will also be looking at web 2.0 resources for the classroom that will support literacy.

Blogs for Copywrite: - A copywriter shares tips, techniques, reviews & cranky commentary - Online Tips for Marketing Success - Daily Writing Tips - A Guide to Writing - Deals with writing for an audience - Dealing on what content writing and search marketing mean for small website owners. Sans unnecessary hype, readers will find lucid, easy-to-understand practical tips and articles, and honest appraisal of issues to make their websites succeed.
- This is a blog about pedagogy and English studies. It is a space to share resources, stories, successes, and failures. - Provocative Resources and (really) Helpful Tips for English Teachers - Welcome to my Blog - Here you can keep up with daily class assignments, check classmates blogs, and find tips for improving your listening! - David Warlick - Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Wesley Fryer
- The belief that teaching is a noble calling
- Musings of a Middle School Teacher. - Medagogy - An internet show for learners of English. - Information Literacy


Roberta Rosenberg said...

Thank you for the shout-out! Being a teacher and all, you'll appreciate that you may want to revise your heading to Copywrite or Copywriting. Copyright is a whole 'nother kettle o'fish. (Dang homonyms!)

Professional Development Resources said...

My pleasure ;-) Thanks for reading and I changed the heading.


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