Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Advanced SmartBoard

Advanced SmartBoard

Use the newest version of the SmartBoard software for the PC, and integrate it with other visual learning tools, such as the document camera, digital camera, microscope, Flash files, PowerPoint and the Internet. In addition, learn how to use the wireless slate, SynchronEyes software gives you the power to manage your classroom, guide learning and interact with students – all from your computer, and finally the use of wands to conduct dynamic classroom review sessions. Administer interactive games, review activities, or testing sessions with wireless, infrared remote controls. When students individually transmit their responses via handheld keypads, all students become active participants in the class lesson from their seats.

07/19/07 8:00AM - 1:00PM
07/20/07 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Creative Lesson:

NYU - SmartBoard Use

Interactive WhiteBoards:

Resources: - Networking in your district - Networking in Your District - Newtorking in your District - Networking in your District - 9.5 Booklet National Whiteboard Network (UKonly)

Health and the Interactive WhiteBoards:

IWBs - # 2 - a checklist of good and bad practice!

Are all the IWBs in the school by the same manufacturer?
Do you use the same IWB software throughout the school?
Do you have copies of the software on your machine at home?
Are the IWB-PCs networked to access staff or student files?
Do you use a 'welcome' or 'Bell-Work' screen as the children arrive?
Do you use a standard format for displaying Lesson Objectives?
Do you include a copy of your presentation with your lesson notes?
Can you save or print screens of work generated during the lesson?
Do you use the handwriting recognition facility?
Do you use prepared backgrounds to help organise students' ideas?
Do you use the list-sorting function to help organise layout?
Do you have an ordinary whiteboard alongside for alternative use?
Can you write on the IWB with an ordinary boardmarker?
Do you need special 'electronic' pens to operate the screen?
Can you set the size and colour of the fonts you use?
Does the software allow for special 'scientific' or mathematical symbols?
Is the IWB placed appropriately for all the class to see comfortably?
Is the height of the IWB appropriate for children to work on?
Do you use a remote 'clicker' to change pages from around the classroom?
Do you use a 'freeze screen' facility whilst marking the register on-line?
Is the provision of blinds and lighting appropriate?
Do you remember to switch off the projector at the end of every school day?
Does a technician clean out the dust-filter every half term?

Difference Between England and US and Interactive WHiteBoards:

Grants and Grants Pricing

Interactive WhiteBoard Webquest

Resources: Cost is $19.50 by PayPal only - New,index


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