Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Webinar Queen Returns as the New Data Diva

It has been a while since I have written in this blog.  However, it will become very active again.  I am taking a new direction.  I will continue with my professional development focus, but with a Data Driven/Instructional Analysis perspective.  I know, I know, for many people Data is just another four letter word that should not be mentioned in polite company.  However, I have to admit I enjoy instructional data analysis.  It is something that every teacher does on a daily basis and may not even realize.  Educators, whether they know it or not, collect a large amount of data on a daily basis.  Instruction is based on these instincts that are drawn from the information we collect.

I must mention that I am not and advocate of over testing our children and testing them on a daily basis to find out what they learned.  If instructional data analysis is done correctly, students will be engaged in the classroom, have fun and never really know that an assessment has been given.  How can this happen you are thinking?  I would reply through the artful administration of different types of formative assessments.  Not everything has to be a paper and pencil assessment using a scan tron sheet.  Actually, multiple measures help to triangulate and verify the data we collect.  As with teaching and instruction, I have always said that the way you teach is only limited by your own creativity.  The same can be said for the way we assess our students in the classroom.

I invite you to listen to a TED Talk from one of my favorite speakers on the topic of education, Sir Ken Robinson - How to Escape Education's Death Valley.  This is a very insightful video that every educator should watch.  He makes wonderful points in this age of DDI.

So you have watch the video and are no uplifted to have a more open mind about DDI in the classroom.  However, you are wondering where should you begin?

I have a few resources that educators should use if they are just starting out with DDI in the classroom.  They are as follows: - DDI Section

InfoToday; Creating a Framework to Make DDI Instruction a Reality -

TIES: Instructional Resources from Minnesota -

Common Formative Assessments (CFA's) -

Rochester City School District - Preparing for Data Conversations -

DDI Resources -

The above are wonderful resources for you to get a feeling of DDI and how DDI is being handled in the US and in NYS. 

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